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Game Rules

    107.1. The only numbers the Magic game uses are integers.

    107.1b. Most of the time, the Magic game uses only positive numbers and zero. You can't choose a negative number, deal negative damage, gain negative life, and so on. However, it's possible for a game value, such as a creature's power, to be less than zero. If a calculation or comparison needs to use a negative value, it does so. If a calculation that would determine the result of an effect yields a negative number, zero is used instead, unless that effect sets a player's life total to a specific value, doubles a player's life total, sets a creature's power or toughness to a specific value, or otherwise modifies a creature's power or toughness.

    Example: If a 3/4 creature gets -5/-0, it's a -2/4 creature. It doesn't assign damage in combat. Its total power and toughness is 2. You'd have to give it +3/+0 to raise its power to 1.

    Example: Viridian Joiner is a 1/2 creature with the ability "T: Add to your mana pool an amount of G equal to Viridian Joiner's power." An effect gives it -2/-0, then its ability is activated. The ability adds no mana to your mana pool.

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